Stand out in a crowd.

Getting the attention of consumers in a crowded marketplace is difficult…getting them to remember you is even more of a challenge.

MassActive builds memorable brands, whether you’re well on your way to establishing a strong emotional connection with your customers, need a facelift to reach a new market or launch a new product, or you’re starting from scratch ’cause you’re the new kid on the block. We ensure your brand is speaking to your customers clearly, consistently and in a way that sets you apart from everyone else.

Already have their attention? Keep It.

How do we do it?

  • Video didn’t kill the radio star.
    But the Internet is changing the way people tune in—streaming radio from home or on the go, visiting station websites and selecting specific programs to listen to rather than using the radio as auditory wallpaper. Digital, satellite and online access to traditional radio is also changing the way you should define your reach, target your audience, spend your advertising dollars and integrate radio into a cross-media campaign.

  • Don’t ignore the tube.
    TV remains a powerful media force. Canadians who watch TV average close to three hours in front of the tube each day, a number that hasn’t decreased since 1998. According to a recent Ipsos-Reid survey, 73% of North Americans would rather give up social networking than TV. Television is an expensive advertising option—get the most bang for your buck with a well-integrated strategy that builds brand awareness while connecting your audience to other, more interactive ways of communicating.

  • Hit ‘play’.
    According to comScore, Canadians viewed 5.1 billion online videos in February 2011. That’s a lot of people hitting play—and then sharing the link with friends and family. Integrate online video into your visual storytelling—and make sure it’s easy to find, easy to share…and gives the viewer a reason to do both.

  • Build a better brand.
    If you want them to notice you, you’ve got to get their attention—and for the right reasons. Take a critical look at your brand identity. Does it tell your story? Connect with your customer? High quality graphic design has become an expectation of the general public—is it time to rethink your logo and your “look”?

  • Take your ads on the road.
    “Out of home” advertising is one of the oldest ways a business can spread the word. Ads on billboards, vehicles, benches and transit shelters have a broad reach and low cost-per-thousand but they need a creative, integrated strategy to make a good impression with your target market.

  • Fit to print.
    Print advertising remains an important way to increase awareness of your company. Magazine readership is holding stable in Canada and the number of titles is increasing. Almost three-quarters of Canadian adults read a print edition of a newspaper every week. Print ads are on billboards, buses and even bathroom stall doors. As email inboxes overflow, many advertisers are embracing their inner snail and returning to the direct mail campaign. But don’t forget: the best results come from integrating traditional and digital platforms.

  • Surfs up.
    To increase awareness of who you are and what you do, you need a cross-media approach. Successful print ads match the fast-paced, on-the-go, interconnected lifestyle of today’s consumer, who reads a print ad in a magazine and scans the QR code for a coupon or sees a billboard while waiting for the subway and immediately checks out the Facebook contest it advertises.

  • Worth a thousand words.
    Visual storytelling is instinctive on the Internet—it’s fast, simple and taps into our desire to share, belong and get attention. Engage your audience using channels they’re already using—build photo sharing into your online campaigns.

  • You oughta be in pictures.
    Flickr is a social network that has marketing appeal, and not only because it’s overlooked by many businesses. It’s a huge online community—at the end of 2011 it had 50 million registered users and boasted 80 million unique visitors a month. While you can’t directly sell on Flickr, it’s a place to connect with customers and develop your brand. Post photos that tell your story and invite others to do the same. And never forget to integrate your Flickr efforts with your other social media platforms.