Where attention meets action.

Now that they can find you and they’re interested, don’t play hard to get. MassActive gets inside your customers’ heads with high-quality, creative, customer-oriented campaigns that make sure the first action they take is never their last.

We’ve got a diverse toolkit at the ready, from Facebook contests and e-newsletters to product videos and downloadable coupons. We help you establish a “voice” that is unique and personable. And we make sure your online self looks good—regardless of whether your customer is using a widescreen monitor, smartphone or tablet—and functions beautifully, too.

Got new customers? Keep them.

How do we do it?

  • It’s hip to share.
    CToday’s customers don’t just view ads—they are the advertising. Bloggers, product reviewers, gamers, tweeters, posters and chatters all have an opinion to share and an audience ready to listen. Online interaction is how people establish relationships, get information and make decisions. Make sure they’re sharing good stuff about you, too.