Keep ‘em coming back for more.

Social media is where retention happens. With MassActive, your online presence will inspire interaction…win you fans…expand your influence…and bring you business.We’re expert storytellers, using visuals and the written word to create connections with your customers.We know how to integrate the best of traditional and digital opportunities, engaging your customers wherever they surf, listen and read.

A no-nonsense monitoring and metrics program lets us tweak campaigns mid-stream to ensure results. When your customers start doing your work for you—sharing links, suggesting product improvements and contributing to your campaigns—we know we’ve hit a home run.

Retaining your audience? Get More Attention.

How do we do it?

  • What’s not to like?
    Turns out, in the world of corporate Facebook pages, an awful lot. To get people to “like” your Facebook page, you have to think less about you and more about them. What benefit does liking your page offer? What will they get out of your updates? What will their Facebook friends think of the fact that they’ve “liked” you? If you don’t have many “likes” yet, you’ll need an ambitious campaign to generate some momentum…because Facebook.

  • Invest in your online relationships.
    Most people think of businesses only when they need a product or service—their interest in you is time sensitive and time-limited. Companies with successful Facebook pages have invested a lot to turn “need” into “want.” They develop creative opportunities for their fans to connect with them and with others. They respond to posts on their page. They make it easy to purchase their product. They make it cool (and rewarding) to “belong” to their group…and inviting to spread the word. If your target audience is on Facebook—and 54 per cent of Canadians are—it’s worth making a substantial investment here.

  • Get them to do your work for you.
    Everyone’s got an opinion to share online…but no one’s going to comment if you don’t give them something to talk about. And you can’t just sit back and watch it happen—you have to get involved in discussions and take action on what you’re hearing.

  • A little birdie told me.
    There’s a lot of power in 140 characters—but only if you know your audience, have a clear and comprehensive strategy and create an authentic and personable voice that invites others to engage. Twitter is about a dialogue—to convert tweets into action, you’ll need to invest in one-on-one conversations. To retain customers, you need to help them solve their problems. And don’t just lead—learn to follow!

  • This link’s worth making.
    There are more than 5 million Canadian professionals on LinkedIn. Across the world, people are signing up at a rate of 2 per second. Two million businesses have LinkedIn corporate pages. If you’re a B2B company, you can’t afford to let your LinkedIn page languish—it’s a fantastic opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, make contacts, post content, earn followers and get referrals. But even if your audience is consumers, LinkedIn can give you access to valuable professional resources and help build the credibility and profile of your company. And, chances are, lots of your customers are on LinkedIn, too.

  • The power of the pin.
    Pinterest is a social media phenomenon we don’t recommend you ignore if you share the same target demographic. According to ComScore, in March 2012 it had 18.7 million unique visits, which doesn’t even include mobile traffic. While you can’t directly sell products or services on Pinterest, you can get noticed…repinned…and develop relationships with influential users who will take the discussion off of Pinterest and onto other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and popular blogs.

  • Go big in the blogosphere.
    Companies can benefit from a blog—but only if it’s interesting, well targeted, frequently updated and designed to get the audience engaged—commenting, posting and tweeting about what you said. But don’t ignore the power of buddying up to other bloggers—those with an established audience and reach that may be far greater than your own.

  • Keep ‘em well fed.
    Visitors to your blog can subscribe to your RSS feed—that way they’re notified every time you post content. Savvy users of RSS feeds track analytics about subscribers and the actions they take. Increase your exposure: connect your feed to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Syndicate your blog. Add it to RSS directories. Add your latest post to your email signature line and to comments you make on other blogs. Want to know how? Talk to MassActive.

  • Get them on the go.
    Your customers are on the move—let them access your information in audio format, wherever they are. According to eMarketer, 37.6 million people will download podcasts monthly in 2013. Create professional, scripted content on topics you’re passionate about, then broadcast them widely. MassActive can show you how.