The best of traditional, digital and emerging media

We’re MassActive, a digital media agency that grew from the diverse expertise of two separate organizations, each with more than a decade of experience in their own fields: Lakestreet for traditional media planning and buying and Imagination Plus for visual creative, digital marketing and web design.

MassActive combines the best of traditional, digital and emerging media in campaigns that work. With strategic thinkers, brand builders, social media gurus, graphic designers, writers, web developers, project managers and media buyers on staff, we can take care of every step of your campaign, from planning to execution to evaluation.



We see the big picture so your customers experience a single message that educates, entertains… and engages.

We know how to harness the massive bottom-up power of cross-media marketing to get you noticed… and keep it that way. We connect the dots between traditional, digital and emerging media so that your message truly crosses all platforms and.. is consistent.

We make sure your online efforts are making an impact when and your audience is surfing…whatever device they’re using.

We create compelling campaigns so when your customers click, there’s something for them to see… and do.

We build in monitoring and metrics programs, so we can make mid-course corrections based on your targets and when it’s over, we evaluate what went right.. and what we can do even better next time.

We do the work, your marketing team gets the glory, and your customers discover new ways to interact with your brand… If you want to do more with dollars you’re already spending, engage MassActive first.